Rosemary Stanton Photography | About

I come from a very artsy family so it was only natural for me to find photography. I remember the first time I saw a camera, it was like meeting the love of my life for the first time. I was very young and spending time in the country with my mom and sis, visiting my grandparents. The poor cats had had enough of me pestering them so, me being me, I was nosey and snooped around in boxes. It was an SLR, black and dusty. I picked it up looked at all its angles and tried to figure it out. My Mom was nearby so she examined it and discovered that it was broken. I didn’t pick up another camera until I was eighteen and the rest was history. 

While earning my degree in visual arts with an emphasis in photography, I became proficient in film developing and processing my own prints. I’d go into the darkroom at school and would walk out four hours later with no idea of how long I’d been there. I loved how my clothes would smell after I left, the chemicals would stay with me all day. I believe that understanding film processing in the darkroom gives me a greater appreciation for the possiblities in digital photography.

My favorite subject is my smart, tender hearted, beautiful, crazy 4 year old daughter! I also have a cat named Lady Godiva, an incredible younger sister and parents that are the most supportive people on the planet. Plus, I’m aunt Roe Roe to two sweet girls.  In my lonely time, as my niece calls it, I like to read, spend time at Radnor Lake, and go to concerts. 

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